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Annemarie Platteschor.

In 2018 she has graduated from the Bachelor ‘Circus and Performance Art’ at the circusschool ACAPA in Tilburg, the Netherlands.
Annemarie Platteschor is a tight wire artist with many surprising sides. With her long legs she flies over the wire and creates beautiful lines.
Her favorite animals are definitely chicken, and her body is consisting mainly of tea because tea is only good out of a really big mug.
Born in the Netherlands Annemarie grew up with her parents and older brother and sister. She went to a Steiner school where exploring yourself and the world is from very big importance. Growing up Annemarie has always loved to perform. Singing, dancing and theatre plays where her favorite part in school. At a young age she joined the youth circus in her hometown and since that time she has performed a lot with several disciplines. Soon enough tightwire has become her biggest love, and for her contract with the Magic Circus in 2019 she has started bottle walking as a second discipline.